Monday, May 20, 2013

The Everglades National Park Monument Lake

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'The Everglades National Park'

Like no other park in the word, why else would a sunrise be any diffrent?
It is a unique experience that is like no other one I have experienced in Florida.  I always sleep with the windows unzipped so I can catch the sunrise in the morning.  I was lucky to have woken before the first ray of light and experience such a gorgeous change of color and light.     
I love how the dew in the morning captures the light.

As soon as we pulled into Monument Lake the first thing we spot is a follow VW camper.  Meet a nice guy on no schedule traveling at his leisure.  He had traveled the entire east coast from Canada down to the Keys, Flamingo and now he had set up camp at Monument Park for a few days planning his trip up the west coast of Florida.  He was excited to share his experiences and I was fascinated with his story of  a 6 foot gator taking a short cut from the canal to the lake right next to his camper!  Talk about being in the wild!  
 We paid the $16 fee and headed towards the back of the lake to grab a spot.
 Autumn at Monument Lake Campground

The view from out campsite
To the back of the campground was a long road used for ATV & Rangers.  We hiked the road for a good distance having a snake cross our path, some really cool wild flowers and plants.  

Sunset on the hike back to our campground at Monument Lake.

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