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Mile Markers in the Florida Keys

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The Florida Keys

Mile Markers (MM) - 

are small green rectangular sign 

marking how many miles to the end 

of US1 in Key West.  

If you make it to Key West, 

make photo at the US1 end sign.

Located along the Overseas Highway from Key West to Key Largo are commonly given as mile marker. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) maintains mile marker signs every mile along the highway over the keys. Businesses along the highway began listing their locations by mile markers, adding decimal part to more precisely indicate locations between mile markers signs. Outside of Key West and the City of marathon street addresses along the highway are based on the mile markers, using a four-to-six digits number (with no decimal point); the numbering patterns is as follows. 

  • The first three (or four) digits denote the approximate mile marker
  • The last two digits denote a particular address; and even digit denotes an address in the Atlantic Ocean side while an odd digit denotes an address on the Florida Bay/Gulf of Mexico Side. 
As an example, the Tropical Research Laboratory of Mote Marine Laboratory has a physical address of 24244 Overseas Highway. The first three digits indicate that it is near mile marker 24.2 (it is located on Summerland Key) while the last two digits indicate that it is located on the Atlantic Ocean side of the highway.

126.5 = Junction U.S. 1 with CR-905 to/from Card Sound.     alternate route,  $1.00 bridge toll, if southbound.  Less traffic, more relaxed ride.

126.0 = End/Begin two-lane "18 Mile Stretch." If southbound, please drive carefully. 
 (passing zone 118-121 & 114-116)


109.3 & 108 = Osprey bird nest, Oceanside  

107.2 = Jewfish Creek drawbridge. Exit/enter Key Largo. Begin "18-Mile Stretch." If northbound, please drive carefully.

106.5 = Card Sound Bridge Alternate route, $1.00 bridge toll, northbound to Homestead.

105.4 = Winn-Dixie Shopping Center, gulfside 

104.1 = Caribbean Club, gulfside. The set for the 1948  movie Key Largo was modeled for this location. 

103.5 = Kings Kamp  Campground (305)451-0010

102.8 = John Pennekamp State Park (Oceanside) CAMPING diving & snorkeling boat tours, glass bottom boat, kayak rentals, & nature trails.

101.5 = Publix Grocery Store at Tradewinds Shopping center, Oceanside ,        ………*.Calusa Campground (305) 451-0232,                                                       ………*.Key Largo Kampground & Marina  (305) 451-1431

101.2 = Hibiscus Park, Oceanside. The was the center of the 1880s community  

99.8 = Key Largo Post Office- ZIP 33037, gulfside 

98.0 = Everglades Park Ranger Station, gulfside. 
 Shell World  

97.6 = Ridetide Campground (305) 852-8481

95 to 100 = early community of Rock Harbor, small railroad depot was also here.

95.2 = Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary building. 

93.8 = Wild Bird Center, gulfside (305) 852-4486

92.6 = Harry Harris Park oceanside.  Small beach with clear water, grassy area with shade trees.

91.9 Old Tavernier Post office; Old Settlers Park, oceanside Tavernier Hotel, oceanside. This was the center of the early community of Tavernier. Its depot was in the median just south of the post office. 

91.3 = Tavernier Town Shopping Center, Mariners Hospital, Post Office - ZIP 33070, gulfside 

91.0 = Tavernier Creek Bridge; Tavernier Creek Marina, Plantation Marina, gulfside 

85.5 = Snake Creek Draw Bridge; Coast Guard Station, gulfside Enter Windley Key 

85.3 = Windley Key State Fossil Reef Geological Site, gulfside                                                             .  .  .  .  84.3 Community of Quarry thrived during construction of the railroad)

84.2 = Theater of the Sea; Holiday Isle Resort oceanside.  

82.6 = Islamorada Post Office- ZIP 33036, oceanside 

81.6 = Morada Bay Beach Café & Bar, bayside (305) 664-0604

81.5 = Hurricane Monument was constructed as a Hurricane

81.2 = Worldwide Sportsman; gulfside;

81.3 = Green Turtle Inn; Oceanside. Part survived the 1935 Hurricane.

80.0 = Roadside park, gulfside

79.8 = Tea Table Relief Bridge. Papa Joe's Marina, gulfside; Bud and Mary's, oceanside. The north approach washed out during Hurricane Donna, 1960. 

78.0 = Indian Key Bridge. Lignumvitae Key Botanical Site (State) gulfside in distance. Lignumvitae Key Boat Ramp gulfside; Indian Key Archaeological Site, San Pedro Underwater State Park and Alligator Lighthouse, oceanside at a distance. This is area is of historic significance. The islands of Indian Key, Lignumvitae Key and Alligator Lighthouse are prominent artifacts.

77.0 = Robbie's Marina,  gulfside; For a few $ you can buy a bucket of fish and feed the Tarpon.  These fish can grow up to 6 feet & jump for the fish.  Hungry Tarpon is a restaurant that is hit or miss when it comes to food. 

73.6 = Boy Scouts Sea Base, gulfside; Gulfside was the location of Camp 3 for the WW-1 veterans. Many perished in the 1935 hurricane. 

73.4 = Anne's Beach, Oceanside. Gulfside is Veteran's Island, which is the grown over approach to the veteran's bridge piers. 

73.0 = Off shore on the gulfside can be seen the remains (8) of the concrete bridge piling built by the WW-1 veterans.

70.0 = Fiesta Key KOA Campground (305) 664-3796

68.5 = Layton, Long Key Post Office - ZIP 33001 

67.5 = Long Key State Park, Oceanside 
(CAMPING)  305-664-4815

65.8 = Henry Flagler's Long Key Fishing Camp occupied the southwest end of Long Key. American author, Zane Grey, vacationed and wrote while at this location in the early 1900s.

62.9 = Conch Key, fire station 

62.2 = Walker's Island (Little Conch Key)

59.9 = Enter/leave City of Marathon; 

58.9 = Grassy Key, Dolphin Research Center

56.2 = Curry Hammock State Park 
 (CAMPING)  305-289-2690

54.6 = Coco Plum 

54.0 = Publix Oceanside

52.0 = Marathon County Airport, bayside

50.0 = Museum of Natural History, Sombrero Beach, oceanside 

48.7  = Fisherman's Hospital, Oceanside; Library, 

48.3 = Post Office ZIP 33050 oceanside. 

47.5 = Knight's Key Campground (305) 743-4343

47.0 = Begin/end of Seven Mile Bridge, Marathon City limits. To Pigeon Key (old 7-Mile Bridge), gulfside. Pigeon Key visitor's center   àDon’t miss Sunset Bar & Grill right under the bridge.  Open for Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Great happy hour, beach area, and best of all… a heated POOL!!  Have a drink and enjoy their pool. *Sunset Grille 8am-10pm  305-396-7235

44.8 = Pigeon Key, gulf side,  Historic Rail Road camp.  Boat ride out to an   historic island.  Snorkeling

43.9 = Moser Channel, apogee of Seven-Mile Bridge. Sombrero Light House seen at a distance, oceanside 

Fishing dive boats

40.0 = End/begin Seven Mile Bridge 

39.9 = Veterans Memorial Park, oceanside 

38.8 = Sunshine Key Campground 

36.8 = Bahia Honda State Park, oceanside. 
 (CAMPING) 305-872-2353

36.0 = Bahia Honda Bridge (4-lanes) old railroad camelback bridge, ocean 

34.5 = Girl Scout Camp, oceanside. 

34.1 = Camp Sawyer, Boy Scouts, oceanside. 

34.0 = West Summerland Key 

33.0 = Big Pine Key Fishing Lodge 305-872-2351

30.2 = Big Pine Key traffic stop light; gulf to Key Deer Rd. and Wilder Road. Shopping Ctr, Prison, Preserve, No Name Key turnoff, gulfslde. Continue to No Name Pub, if you can find it. Bogie Channel Bridge (Old Wooden Bridge)  

28.0 = Torch Channel Bridge

27.0 = Ramrod Key. 

24.8 = Summerland Key Post Office - ZIP 33042

21.0 = Lazy Lakes Campground 305-745-1079  311 Johnson Road, Sugarloaf Key

20.0 = KOA Suglarloaf Key Campground oeeanside 
 (CAMPING) 305-745-3549

17.0 = Blinking light, Sugarloaf Blvd ocean, gulfside; Sugarloaf Airport and Bat Tower. 

11.2 = Shark Key 

8.5 = Tourist welcome center 

5.0 = Stock Island,

3.9 = Traffic light. End/begin 4-lane.  Bear left for Flagler Street; Airport; Martello 
Towers, Higgs Beach and Casa Marina. Bear right for N. Roosevelt; Truman Avenue, Fort Taylor

3.0 = Sears Town shopping plaza

2.3 = Salt Run Bridge, N. Roosevelt, Key West 

1.7 = Palm Ave; U.S.C.G. Group; NAS Trumbo 

1.0 = About South Street 

0.0 = Key West Post Office-ZIP 33040. 
  *Picture of US1 Mile Marker 0!!!

  • ~~Please let me know if any of the information is incorrect as business are always opening & closing.  Also, if you find something you loved in the Keys, let us know and we will add to our list for others to enjoy.

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