Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Everglades Airboat Tour

Florida Oldscool Camper Rentals 
takes an 
Airboat Tour in the Everglades

From zipping through the mangroves to having a pelican land on our boat, it was a super day. If you are a photography buff or just like the more natural "Real" side of Florida, and airboat ride is so  much fun!

Although many people are quite frightened of alligators they generally do not attack human being as they are intimidated by the vertical stance. The alligator can be discriminated from its relative the crocodile by the u-shape of its snout and the impossibility of seeing bottom teeth when its mouth is closed. The jaw is hinged, allowed it to open its mouth very wide and ingest a large piece of food.

Of course, the teeth are among the most impressive features of the 'gator'. It has 400 teeth each in its upper and lower jaws, and it is able to regenerate new teeth after old ones fall out. All of the teeth are share--it possesses no molars at all. The strength of the jaws is awesome--as much as 3000 pounds per square inch. 

If there is any animal which is synonymous with a national park it is surely the American alligator and the Everglades. The larges of about 50 reptile species in the Everglades, this animal can be found in many places throughout the park in large numbers.

Due to the global significance of Everglades National Park, it has been designated a Biosphere Reserve, a World Heritage Site, and a Wetland of International Importance.

The Everglades National Park

No matter how many alligators may appear on the front of golf shirts, the alligator's skin in black, not green. The dark color enables the cold blooded animals to absorb the sun's heat and warm its body. The hide contains hundreds of rectangular scales as well as bony plates, called scutes. Its distinctive "armor-plated" skin which it depends on for defense is made of keratin, similar to human fingernails. 

Picture of crocodile 

picture of crocodile 

I expected to see little wildlife. Before we settled in the boat a large pelican joined us; as if to say, “Don’t worry you are going to love it” Five minutes from the dock a second pelican landed on the boat.

This trip was amazing!

Not only do you drive right through the heart of the Everglades but you see tons of animals: birds, turtles, and yes alligators....lots of gators! We saw at least seven and they ranged from giant monsters to little babies.  
We loved it!

Everglades National Park


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