Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kino Sandals... something really made in Key West!

Florida Oldscool Campers loves Kinos Sandals.

~In-fact I have more pair of Kino's than any other shoes in my closet!

Kino Sandals are the best thing to buy while in Key West. While you are on Duval Street shopping through all the crap from other countries, don't waste your time! Go strait to Kino's and buy yourself all all your friends a pair of Kino's Sandals. They will out last anything else you buy, and your friends will thank you years to come! 


Made in Key West, Florida

Established in 1966

Located in Kino Plaza at the conner of Greene and Fitzpatrick Street

(305) 294-5044



Visit us and watch as our sandals are hand-made.

Monday - Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm
Saturday 9am to 5:30pm
Sunday 10am to 3pm

Men 7-13
Ladies 4-10 
Children 10-1
The "Lili" is my favorite, as I am a basic type girl. See below for many varieties. They have even added one called the "Spider" that looks very interesting. 

#1 ~ Lilly- Kino Sandals

A pair of once-wealthy Cuban refugees are operating on elbow grease, freedom, and a shoe string budget to pave the way for a new life in America." 
The Miami Herald April 27th, 1966


The story...

These Cuban immigrants were Roberto and Margarita Lopez and the business venture was KINO SANDALS. The company name was Mr. Lopez's childhood nickname when he lived in Cienfuegos, Cuba, about 100 miles from Havana. The founder, Roberto "KINO" Lopez, brought a skill and ambition with him when he fled Cuba one year after Castro's revolution.

In cuba, Kino had a shoe factory. When he arrived in Key West he had left shoemaking behind and worked as a handyman for four years. However, he had ambitions and goals. During these four years he saved his money and got a small business loan. He opened the doors of KINO SANDALS in 1966.  

The original location was a shop rented at 105 Whitehead Street, where the factory spent it's first 10 years. In 1976 KINO SANDALS moved to its current location at Kino Plaza. This building is reminiscent of the cuban style building Kino knew as a youth in Cuba. The unusually high ceilings let hot air drift outside. While keeping the terra-cotta tiled floors cool. The garden in the atrium offers shoppers a pleasantly shaded area that allows for relaxation in Key West balmy summer breeze.  The plaza is located at the corner of Greene Street and Fitzpatrick Street. 

All of the sandals are handmade using natural leather straps and natural rubber soles. They are assembled and glued in our traditional sandal factory where the "sandaleros", the old-world sandals maker, works diligently at his station. In the aisles around the sandaleros you will see the boxes of unfinished sandals as they move through the different stages of manufacture. The smell of leather permeates the room wither you may select from a wide variety of sandals with your particular size and color range. 

The popular and durable sandals are all designed by Kino. They are all versatile and inexpensive. They have been widely imitated, but they have never been duplicated. The fundamental difference is taht Kino uses the traditional hand made techniques to assemble his sandals. The talent of the craftsmen can not be replaced by a machine. It is this uncommon effort that distinguishes this product. 

We wish to express our sincere appreciation for your patronage. We hope that you will visit us again in the future so that we may serve you again.


Kino & Family


#9 ~ Ana- Kino Sandals

#20 ~ Spider- Kino Sandals

#11 ~ Australiano- Kino Sandals

Leather Back Packs

#2 ~ Chain - Kino Sandals


#16 ~ Mens Chancleta- Kino Sandals

#5 ~ Chancletica- Kino Sandals

#4 ~ Julia- Kino Sandals

#3 ~ Madeline- Kino Sandals

#13 ~ Margarita- Kino Sandals

#18 ~ Mens Lilly- Kino Sandals

#7 ~ Mercedes without Strap- Kino Sandals

#20 Child's Mercedes Kino Sandals

#10 ~ Prematuro- Kino Sandals

#40 Cuban Conch Cooking Cookbook

#6 ~ Cordones- Kino Sandals


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